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Bicycle touring Turkey (Part 2) – To Asia with a new cycling buddy

After I spent some great days in Istanbul with my host Savaş and before I could leave Istanbul for the Asian chapter, it was time to take care of Emma, my bicycle. My custom touring bike, which did an excellent job so far and only brought me one flat tire, was going to get a new chain so as a slightly wider cassette for the upcoming climbs in Turkey and Georgia.

Since I lived near Taksim square, I cycled to the neighboring district of Besiktaş to visit Istanbul Bike & Outdoor, a well-known bicycle shop in the area. I left my bike there for the service, but because they didn’t have a wider 9-speed cassette, I had to head out to the city again to find one. Before I did, one of the bicycle mechanics asked me about my further route through Turkey and told me, that there was a female cycle tourer at the shop a few days back, who is gonna cycle the same way. So I have consented to give her my number and went on to Eminönü to find the matching cassette.[/penci_text_block][/vc_column][/vc_row]

sultan ahmet mosque Istanbul turkey
fabian and caroline in turkey
caroline cycle touring turkey
Turkish Börek
sunset turkey
golden sky turkey
Turkish woman making coffee
young ducks
turkish mosque
small turkish village
Bilal (far right) and his team
Turkish Baker
Börek Turkey
Turkish baklava
Turkish breads
Turkish baker portrait
pushing bicycle through muddy roads
cycling on muddy roads in turkey
cycling buddy caroline
cycling on endless turkish roads
dramatic landscape of turkish countryside
colors of central turkey
stormy weather in turkey
gravel road in turkey
cycle touring turkey
turkish countryside roads
refugee camps in turkey
3000km's cycled in turkey
great wildcamping spot on a small plateau in turkish wilderness
two fully loaded cycle tourers in turkey
shepard dog Turkey
golden hour at Tuzla Gölü in central Turkey
two tents on Tuzla Gölü at dawn
Camping on Tuzla Gölü in Turkey
Breakfast on Tuz Gölü
bicycle tourer on Tuzla Gölü salt lake in Turkey

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