Sunrise at ferry Caspian Sea
Asia From the road

Caspian Sea ferry

streets of Baku
oldtown Baku Azerbaijan
Illuminated staircase Baku
Flame towers Baku at night
Having beers in Baku
sleeping at the port Baku
sleeping at the Alat ferry port
waiting at the port Baku
entered the ferry to Kazakhstan
ferry leaving the port in Alat
Alat ferry travelers
talk with a kazakh girl
Andrew on the caspian sea ferry
travel crew on Professor-Gul Ferry
two Azerbaijani guys on ferry
Professor gul ferry deck
ferry deck at dusk
meeting the ferry crew
Sunrise through the ferry Window
Sunrise at ferry Caspian Sea


Stephen 16. September 2020 at 13:47

Very useful information, Fabian! I’m planning on taking this ferry, myself, when the time comes. Though, I thought it went to Aktau, not Kuryk.

Fabian 16. September 2020 at 14:05

Hi Stephen
Thanks for the comment.
You’re right, the ferry connection is known as Baku-Aktau, though the ferry port in Kazakhstan for passenger transportation is Kuryk, a bit further south of Aktau.
The same way it is Alat and not Baku in Azerbaijan. So you might have to cycle up the 70km stretch to Aktau or take a Bus / Taxi at the port.

Have a good time!


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