cycle touring in Kazakhstan
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Bicycle touring Kazakhstan – new friends and a traditional festival

Kazakhstan map
long and lonely desert road
dead flat desert roads
deterrence in Kazakhstan
Andrew fixing his bicycle
Kazakh kids posing with bicycles
Camel in Kazakh desert
Andrew cycling the Kazakh desert
kazakhstan cycle touring coffe break
cycle touring Kazakhstan
desert camping with a great sunset
clear night sky in Kazakhstan desert
Kazakhstan desert crossing
Camel caravan in Kazakhstan desert
Sayutes culture Festival
Kazakh Festival
Sayutes traditional Festival
Kazakh man preparing plov
Traditional Kazakh Plov
traditional Kazakh yurts
Kazakh woman showing their yurt
Kazakh women with traditional dress
Kazakh man in a traditional yurt
Andrew in a kazakh yurt
Camel cheese
Kazakh women with traditional dress
eating with Kazakh people
Kazakh sweets
traditional Kazakhstan
Kazakh musician
old Kazakh singer
boiling tea Kazakhstan
old Kazakh man drinking tea
cycle touring in Kazakhstan
Kazakh wrestling offspring
Wrestling arena Kazakhstan
Kazakh wrestling
traditional Kazakh wrestling
Kazakhstan festival crowd
Kazakhstan horse race
kids horse racing Kazakhstan
horse race Kazakhstan travel photographer
horse racing Kazakhstan
group picture in Kazakhstan
travelling Kazakhstan
Three Kazakh men
Kazakh men portrait
Kazakh man portrait
Kazakh kids portrait
Kazakh kids portrait
rainbow over Kazakhstan festival
memorial dinner Kazakhstan
Kazakh woman
Memorial dinner Kazakhstan yurts
yurt at Sunset
Kazakh yurts


Frosene Sacco 10. October 2020 at 17:50

Love this! Inspiring for future tours!

Fabian 10. October 2020 at 17:57

Thanks Frosene, glad you liked it. Wish you some amazing and unforgettable upcoming tours!

Stephen 13. October 2020 at 5:13

Wow! What a festival! You definitely struck it lucky!


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