cycling Uzbekistan
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Cycling the ancient Silk Road: Treasures of Uzbekistan

Bicycle touring crew Uzbekistan
School boys Uzbekistan
School boy Uzbekistan
School kids in Uzbekistan
Andrew cycling the Kysylkum desert
cycle break in the Uzbekistan desert
Cycling break in the desert
Bus stop in Uzbekistan
Bicycle kids in Uzbekistan
young Uzbek boy portrait
young cyclists Uzbekistan
Cycling the Uzbekistan desert
stretching after cycling
Camping Uzbekistan Desert
sleeping in the desert
camping under the stars Uzbekistan
a night under the stars in Uzbekistan
preparing the bicycles before sunrise
packing the bikes before sunrise
Bicycle touring Uzbekistan
flat desert sunrise
Cycle touring at Sunrise Uzbekistan
Kysylkum Desert
cycling the Kysylkum desert
cotton fields Uzbekistan
cotton fields
cotton farmers of Uzbekistan
wild camping in Uzbekistan desert
camping in the desert
stretching routine cycle touring
desert flora Uzbekistan
patterns of the desert
cold sunset beer Uzbekistan
golden desert sun of Uzbekistan
golden desert sunset Uzbekistan
golden sunset in the desert
cycling breaks in the desert
Samsa in clay oven Uzbekistan
fresh Samsa Uzbekistan
historical silk road Uzbekistan
view over the Kysylkum desert
historical ruins Uzbekistan
historical castle Uzbekistan
Yurts in the Uzbekistan desert
The city of Bukhara
Mosaics of Uzbekistan
patterns of Bukhara
wooden door Uzbekistan
doors of Uzbekistan
doors of Bukhara
Door in Bukhara
Ark Bukhara Uzbekistan
Poi Kalon Bukhara
Mosque Bukhara Uzbekistan
Ancient Bukhara
Madrasa Bukhara
Mir arab Madrasi
Bukhara Madrasa behind bars
behind bars in Uzbekistan
Madrasa Bukhara
Kalon Minarett Uzbekistan
Kalon Minarett Bukhara
Chor Minor Bukhara
patterns of Uzbekistan
Registan Samarkand Uzbekistan
Mosque Uzbekistan
Gur emir Mausoleum Uzbekistan
Patterns of Samarkand
Gur Emir Mausoleum Uzbekistan
golden Uzbekistan
bread of Uzbekistan

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Stephen 1. November 2020 at 2:18

What exceptional photos! I loved the large umbrella! I’ve not yet cycled in 40 degree heat. Incredibly challenging!


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