Golestan Palace Tehran Iran
Asia From the road

Cycle touring Iran: a culture shock of the nicest kind

rice fields Iran
Persian chaii
Traditional Iranian Dinner
Teymour and Nima
Butcher Iran
Iranian kebabs
Iranian butcher
Kebabs Iran
Iranian dinner
Iranian street food
sefid rud river Iran
Iranian mountains
Iranian desert landscape
Iranian Restaurant
tasty iranian food
worker at Tehran grand Bazaar
Tehran Bazaar
Bazaar Iran
Iranian architecture
Tehran Metro sign
Golestan Palace Tehran
Irina at Golestan Palace
Iranian hospitality
Tabiat bridge Iran
Iranian singer
Shisha Iran
cycle touring Iran
Northern Iranian Mountains
Train track Iran
Iranian fruit seller
apple vendor iran
rice farmer Iran
Iranian landscapes
rice and chicken Iran
Iran dinner
Davood Iran
Arezoo Iran
Iranian Party
persian singer
Iranian woman with baby
Irina at Party in Iran
Iranian boy
Iranian pastries
grilled iranian kebabs
Turnery Iran
Iranian instruments
Amir and family
Iranian food
Shepherd Iran
Esi and Mahbube
Mountain road Iran
wild berries Iran
small mountain house Iran
hiking in Gorgan
Shepherd Iran
Iranian men gorgan
Mahbube Yoga

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Ian 25. October 2020 at 12:14

Thanks for this, which gave me a strange sense of optimism during these difficult times. And the final photo is joyous


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