Galata tower skyline Istanbul
Europe From the road

Bicycle touring Turkey (Part 1) – Off to Istanbul

a dream team on the way to turkey
steep climbs up to Malko-Tarnovo
my first host in turkey
a glass of turkish tea
full turkish breakfast
Turkish minaret in small turkish village
small road in north western turkey
first flat tire turkey
first flat tire
wildcamping at sunset in Turkey
Wild camping spot in western turkey at dusk
highways of istanbul
great turkish dinner in Istanbul
dinner with colombian and turkish friends
home made Pizza in Istanbul
turkish man making bbq Istanbul
turkish kebabs closeup
excellent turkish food
turkish salad
Bosphorus Istanbul Turkey
blue mosque Istanbul turkey
entry blue mosque Istanbul
turkish man praying sultan ahmet Istanbul
woman prayers blue mosque
Interior of sultan ahmet mosque Istanbul
prayer at blue mosque Istanbul
Inside sultan ahmet mosque Istanbul
hagia sophia Istanbul
turkish woman at mosque
Basilica Cistern in Istanbul
Galata tower and Bosphorus Istanbul
famous fish sandwiches of Istanbul
balik ekmek street food Istanbul
portrait of fisherman on galata bridge
fisherman on galata bridge in Istanbul
turkish fisherman drinking tea
old man fishing in Istanbul
fishermen at bosphorus
street food of Istanbul
turkish women sitting at bosphorus
red tram Istanbul
sweets of turkey Istanbul
turkish delight Istanbul
turkish sweets Istanbul
tasty turkish baklava
turkish street vendor Istanbul
alleys of Istanbul
streets of Istanbul 2
turkish lahmacun in Istanbul
streets of Istanbul turkey

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