street food vendors Kashgar
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Kashgar and the start of a big chapter – cycle touring China Part 1

Sarytash homestay
Sarytash Kyrgyzstan
cycle touring Kyrgyzstan
Irshketam pass truck
Irshketam pass
Irshketam camp
Kyrgyz chinese border
china highway cycling
Kashgar city sign
cycle touring Kashgar China
Pamir Youth Hostel Kashgar
Kashgar hostel balcony
Kashgar by sunset
streets of Kashgar
smith Kashgar china
streets of Kashgar
Somsas in Kashgar
Kashgar street food
old town of Kashgar China
street food China Kashgar
street food in Kashgar China
street snacks China
Kashgar street food sheep
man preparing Somsas China
Chinese kids playing
old town Kashgar
Kashgar city traffic
Noodles Kashgar China
livestock market Kashgar
Business livestock market Kashgar
local business men Kashgar
man smoking Kashgar China
Kashgar man
camels Kashgar China
sheep flock livestock market China
market Kashgar
Kashgar old man China
meat seller Kashgar market
butcher Kashgar China
butcher at livestock market Kashgar
Kashgar livestock market
Kashgar kebabs China
plov Kashgar
woman preparing somsa Kashgar
street food Kashgar market
dried chillies Kashgar market
dried snakes market China
fried fish chinese food
Silk road Kashgar China
distance sign silk road
camels desert China
cotton fields China
approaching Taklamakan desert China
silk road China
Silk road monument
Hotan city lights China
hotan at night China
hotan city China
hotan city street lights

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