Bartang Valley Pamir Highway
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Cycling the Pamir Highway (Part 2): Bartang Valley & the roof of the world

Bartang Valley camp
Tadjikistan Women Bartang Valley
Pamir Highway campsite Bartang Valley
Autumn Bartang valley Tadjikistan
cycling Tadjikistan Bartang Valley
Bartang river bridge Pamir Highway
Bartang Valley river Pamir Highway
Andrew bikepacking the Bartang Valley
Bartang Valley cycle touring
colorful Pamir Highway
Bartang Valley Tadjikistan
cycle touring in the Bartang Valley
Bicycle touring the Bartang Valley
dried fruits Tadjikistan
Bartang Valley roads
Bartang valley in autumn
Sheperds Tadjikistan Pamir Highway Bartang Valley
Bartang Valley cycling
beautiful Bartang Valley Pamir Highway
Bartang river Tadjikistan
Campfire Bartang Valley
beautiful Bartang Valley
Bartang Valley villages
Bicycle touring Tadjikistan
frozen roads Pamir Bartang valley
cycling rough roads Pamir Highway Bartang Valley
The Bartang Valley cycling crew
Tadjik hospitality Bartang Valley
Pamir Highway hospitality Bartang Valley
Rocky Bartang Valley roads
Inside the Bartang Pamir Highway Tadjikistan
steep roads Bartang Valley
High snow covered Pamir Mountains
Bartang Valley Village Pamir Highway
Tadjik boy at the Bartang Valley
Savnob Bartang Valley
stone houses Bartang Valley
colors in Savnob Tadjikistan
colorful trees and snowy mountains Tadjikistan
sun cooking system Tadjikistan
Huge Pamir Mountain range
gravel roads Pamirs Bartang Valley
steep climbs Bartang Valley Tadjikistan
Snow in the Bartang Valley
Snow covered touring bicycle Bartang Valley
Snowy Bartang Valley Tadjikistan
cloudy weather in Tadjikistan
tough Bartang Valley roads
mixed weather Pamir Highway
Bicycle touring the Bartang Valley Tadjikistan
amazing scenery Pamir Highway
contrasts in the Pamirs
Bartang valley mountains
Cycle touring Bartang Tadjikistan
amazing mountains Bartang Valley
cycling break in the Pamir Mountains
Bartang Valley in Winter
roof of the world cycling Pamir Highway
Fabian Kappeler Pamir Highway cycling
cycling the Pamir Plateau
cycling the Pamir Plateau
Pamir Plateau views
Pamir Plateau Mountains
Pamir Plateau
Andrew cycling the Pamir Plateau
Bartang Valley Pamir Highway
Pamir Mountains Plateau
camping on the roof of the world
contrastful Bartang Valley
Pamir Mountain adventure
Pamir Highway Tadjikistan
Camping at 4000 meters
The Pamir Highway
cycling Pamir Highway M41
Karakul lake Pamir Highway Tadjikistan
Karakul lake Pamir Highway
Karakul village Pamir Highway
Karakul Pamir Highway village
Pamir Mountains
Kysil-art pass Pamir Highway
Kyzil-art pass Tadjikistan
On top of the pass Pamir Highway
frozen roads Kyzil-art Pass
cycle touring the Kyzil art Pass Kyrgizstan


Stephen 21. November 2020 at 0:45

What a challenge and adventure! A shame about getting ill. Did you work out what it was? The food, altitude, or something else? In an odd kind of way, that low must have made the highs so much better!

Jeannette - 26. April 2023 at 21:04

Thanks for the good story of the Bartang valley. We maybe will do this part this summer, july/august. Als thanks for the tips in your story, they are realy helpfull.

Fabian 26. July 2023 at 14:48

Hi Jeanette, thanks a lot for your message and your thoughts on this blog post. Happy you found some helpful information and I wish you an awesome adventure when visiting Tajikistan and the Pamirs. Enjoy!!


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