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Here we go (again) – heavy climbs, castles and beautiful forests

Rhine Valley
Wildcamp Allgäu
Camping Gruentensee
Castle Neuschwanstein
Sunset Hohenschwangau
Olympiapark München
Frauenkirche München
Knödel und Schweinebraten Hofbräuhaus
Brezel Hofbräuhaus


Matt Hinks 23. April 2019 at 22:44

Awesome stuff buddy! How cold was it at 4000 metres plus to camp??

Tailwinds my friend

Fabian 24. April 2019 at 11:38

Hey Mate!!
It wasn’t above 4000+ meters, I wrote it a bit wrong 😁
It was 4000+ meters of altitude cycled in total to the point I arrived at lake Grüntensee. But I hope this day will come when I can camp above 4000 meters ☺️ How are you both doing by the way in Melbourne? all good?!

Greetings from Ukraine

Cycling along the Danube, Deggendorf to Sturovo - alongtheearth 2. May 2019 at 15:12

[…] was happy to have some flat kilometres towards Bratislava after all the climbing in Switzerland and the Allgäu. As I started cycling along the Danube in Deggendorf, the first thing I noticed and what I had […]

Stephen 3. May 2019 at 5:35

Does Anna have a blog at all? I’d be interested in reading about her travels, also! I see she’s riding on a Vivente Anatolia, which is the same kind of bike as mine. 🙂


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