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The Danube river – cycling along the eurovelo 6 bike route

The Danube river, second largest river in Europe and a famous cycling route as part of the European “Eurovelo” (Eurovelo 6) cycling paths. I reached the Danube river in Deggendorf Germany, where the Isar river from Munich flows into the Danube. This large river, which is one of the oldest and most important European trade routes. The Danube river, originating in Germany, flows eastwards through ten countries and ends in the black sea between Ukraine and Romania.

I was happy to have some flat kilometers towards Bratislava after all the climbing in Switzerland and the Allgäu. As I started cycling along the Danube river in Deggendorf, the first thing I noticed and what I had expected: there are other cyclists! Yeaaahh 🙌🏼

As in the past weeks Anna was the only cycle tourer I saw, I have now met several bike tourers every day. As almost all of them were on a day trip with much less baggage than I had, there was no reason to stop at each of them to ask where they are heading to. Though there were a lot of smiling faces passing me and one has greeted each other, as its common among cyclists. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

danube river labeling
danube river cycle touring
sunset over the danube river
danube river at night
camping along the danube river
Wachau at the danube river


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