Bicycle touring the Pamir Highway
Asia From the road

Cycling the Pamir Highway (Part 1): Along the M41

gate to Tadjikistan
Tadjikistan mountain scenery
locals in Tadjikistan
Tadjikistan village
sparse mountains in Tadjikistan
mountain village scenery Pamir
Kata and Andres Tadjikistan
Pamir mountain valley
Campspot over valley in Tadjkistan
Tadjikistan river valley
first camp in Tadjikistan
Favio in Tadjkikistan
lunch break in Tadjikistan
Tadjik kids
two little Tadjik boys
Tadjik landscapes
cycling Tadjikistan roads
Tadjikistan mountain village
small mountain houses in Tadjikistan
stony houses of Tadjikistan
Tadjikistan fridge
Mountain oasis Tadjikistan
Andres climbing in Tadjikistan
cycle touring Tadjikistan
Pamir highway mountain roads
crashed car Tadjikistan
Pamir Highway alongtheearth
photo by @andreiaenbicicleta
cycling up to Anzob tunnel
Anzob tunnel Tadjkistan
before Anzob tunnel Pamir Highway
photo by @andreiaenbicicleta
after Anzob tunnel Pamir Highway
after the tunnel photo by @andreiaenbicicleta
sewing a sleeping bag Tadjikistan
Dushanbe green house Hostel
GBAO permit Pamirs
Greenhouse Hostel Dushanbe
repairing a hub in Tadjikistan
10'000km cycled in Tadjikistan
Cycle touring campspot Tadjikistan
cycling crew Tadjikistan
Victor cycling the Pamirs
stunning mountain nature Tadjikistan
cycle touring Tadjikistan
cycling pamir highway
livestock flocks Pamir Highway
Pamir highway livestock
flocks in Tadjikistan
Victor and Favio in Tadjikistan
flock in the Pamirs
after cycling stretch Pamirs
Tadjik livestock
Tadjikistan goats
Pamir camping kitchen
Pamir highway wildcamping
The abbreviation Pamir Highway
The long detour Pamir Highway
Tadjikistan morning views
mountain reflection Pamir
cycling in the Pamirs
Pamir roads
Camping in Tadjikistan
along the Pamir mountains
Bicycle touring along the Pamir Highway
steep pamir highway roads
Volleyball in Tadjikistan
nice Tadjik people
Camping next to a volley field Tadjkistan
Pamir Highway camp
Afghan mountain village
Afghan mountains
Afghanistan mountains
M41 Pamir roads
M41 Pamir highway
fully loaded touring bicycles
Pamir Highway
Busy M41 Pamirs
Pamir mountain reflections
Pamir mountain colors
cows at Panj river Tadjkistan
Pamir highway Panj river
Fabian cycling the Pamir Highway
photo by @andreiaenbicicleta
Colorful Pamir Highway
autumn at the Pamir Highway


Stephen 8. November 2020 at 1:02

Absoltely marvelous! I’ve been looking forward to this post for a while. Rather amusing about the old road which no longer exists! But it will be memorable, for all the right reasons – a new challenge overcome! Looking forward to othe next parts!

Alissa 10. November 2020 at 20:07

Amazing! A Silk Road trip was in my plans for next year but now, who knows. I really enjoyed reading about yours. I just sent you an email about a project I’m working on to collect and share bike travel blogs. I would love to have yours be part of it!


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