Fountain Ukraine
From the road

Cycle touring Ukraine

Uzhgorod Bridge
Uzhgorod Bus
Uzhgorod Sunset
Uzhgorod Synagogue
Uzhgorod Cherry blossom
Ukraine Bus Station
Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains
Ukrainian Church
Ukrainian Church
Ukrainian fields
Chalet Ukraine
Ukrainian carphatians
Ukraine Veretsky Pass
Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains
Veretsky Pass
Thunderstorm Ukraine


Matt Hinks 12. June 2019 at 14:46

I prefer to read about the challenging days you’ve had, so I hope you encounter more crazy mountains!
Enjoy the good life!!
How is your knee?

Fabian 13. June 2019 at 18:47

Matt! How are you?!
That’s good to hear, cause there are a lot more coming in turkey!
And hope to cycle some hills together with you in the future 😉
Thanks, I’ll do! The knee is fine, never had problems again since I left in March, hope it stays that way.
Take care bro, all the best! Best wishes to Jasi!


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