Up north, from Bern to North Cape in Winter

To get straight to the point: It’s gonna be a BIG CHALLENGE, a tough and cold one! and.. to be honest, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. This ride to the north cape, the northernmost tip of europe and first part of the journey will definitely be a Kickstart into my upcoming bicycle touring adventure.

Here are a few reasons riding a bicycle in potential snowstorms or temperatures down to -30 degrees and why I voluntarily expose myself to these, sometimes extreme weather conditions.

All south

The idea to start from the northernmost part of Europe attracted me since thinking about the detailed route. From there on it will go all the way south and eastbound to the southernmost point of New Zealand. Nevertheless I didn’t want to take a train or plane up north, but wanted to start from home.

Winter Landscapes

I would be lying if I would say that my favorite season is Winter. I love warm and long summer nights, camping in milder climate as well as all sports and activities the warmer (or snow free) climate offers.

BUT.. as for landscapes, snow and ice can turn a scenery into a dreamy wonderland. Especially from the perspective of a photographer, a scandinavian Winter has incredibly much to offer:

Unique fjords and snow covered mountain peaks in norway. Deep & wide forests with frozen lakes in sweden / finnland or the fascinating Aurora Borealis aka. the Northern Lights in northern scandinavia, just to mention a few. These are reasons enough visiting northern Europe in Winter time, maybe not everyone’s thing by bicycle, but for the adventurous minds among us: looking for an interesting challenge?!.. to get to the next point.


Riding frozen streets or sleeping in a tent in arctic temperatures doesn’t sound fun, and a lot of times, it might probably not! This part of the journey is definitely about the challenge. To overcome that inner Bastard day for day and being rewarded with spectacular views so as a deep connection with nature.

Reaching the “Globe” landmark / monument of the north cape under my own power, has been a dream for years. This endeavour is now being paired with a wintry challenge and I’m incredibly excited but nervous at the same time.

An additional motivation: imagine how sweet Spring and Summer will be after a harsh Winter like this 🙂

Thinking about traveling and especially cycling in Winter, special Winter gear is needed, cause the main challenge will be about temperature regulation. You’ll find detailed information about all the equipment I take with me at a later time here on my blog. For testing all the gear in advance, I’ll go on a week-long ride in December in the coldest area of Switzerland, the region of Neuchâtel-Jura.

Of course I’ll keep you up to date about this test-tour and how i’m gonna freeze my ass off for the first time on my new bike. ❄


until soon

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure

Bob Bitchin

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